Each project is unique. However, there are some similarities in the creation process. Generally, a project can be completed between 2 and 6 weeks after signing the contract, depending on its complexity, the frequency of our exchanges and our respective schedules. But a first version will be sent to you after 1 week!

Steps to create a video

Important information to note before starting

The average length of a video should ideally be between 1 and 3 minutes. It is difficult to keep the attention of the public any longer. The nature of certain projects (eg summary of a 5-year research program) can of course lead to longer video durations. In this case, I recommend including a voice-over that will help maintain public attention.

Adding a voice-over is a paid option. You can either provide me with your recordings or call on a professional (for example via Bunny Studio Voice). There is great variability in the prices of these professionals, paid by the number of words. As an indication, for a text of 1000 words, it will cost you on average 500 $ US. Adding a voice-over can really make a difference between a great video and a really great video.

I pay professional subscriptions for access to image, video and music banks. This allows me to have thousands of options. If you want to integrate images and videos from your own collection, you will have to send them to me in high resolution. Note that I am not shooting. For music, unless you send me your own compositions, we will use the banks offered with my subscriptions. Note that it is only possible to include one background music per video (it is therefore not possible to change music during video).

Making a video takes time. The creation of a minute of video represents between 5 and 7 hours of work, without counting the scriptwriting work upstream. This is why it is important to prepare well before starting the creation phase.

Here we are at the steps. Are you still here?

1. You put your ideas on paper

Write down your ideas, trying to give as much information as possible about 1) the sender of the message (who communicates? Researcher, team, faculty?), 2) the content of the key message (what do you want to say?), 3) the receiver of the message (who is it aimed at?) And the desired effects (what do you expect following the video: that the target audience visits a website? Read your article?) Send it to me. Also, if you have an example of videos that you liked, let me know. If the purpose of the video is to summarize a scientific paper, skip this step and send me your paper.

2. We sign a contract

From the information obtained in step 1, I give you an estimate of the number of working hours. Note that I try to be the more accurate possible, yet this number of hours may increase or decrease during the project. We sign a contract. The equivalent of 50% of the amount is due upon signature.

3. We script

The key ingredients are: context, problem, outcome, and a call for action. You have to think « about acetate » (or scene) and cut the scenario as much as possible. If you run out of time, I can also think about it and make you a proposal.

4. You choose a type of visual

I offer several options depending on your objectives and your audience (animated characters, real look, computer graphics, etc.).

5. I create a first version

From the previous steps, I create a first version and send you a link to view it on a private platform. I can also send you the work done halfway. It is to your preference 🙂

6. We discuss the changes to be made

We make several round trips and I improve the video until you are satisfied.

7. We include voice-over (optional) and background music

If you want to integrate a voice-over, you will have to make the recordings at this stage. If there is no voice-over, I offer a few choices of background music. Note that if there is a voice-over, background music is not necessary but it is still possible to integrate it.

8. I send you the final product

Le produit final que vous recevrez est un fichier en format mp4 basse, moyenne ou haute résolution, dépendamment de l’usage souhaité. Je peux également vous envoyer sans frais supplémentaire des formats pdf et ppt.

9. One of us is hosting the video

You host your video on a YouTube channel, on your own site or on another platform. I can also host it (at no additional cost) on my Youtube channel.

10. You spread the good news

It’s not all about making a video. You must now inform your target audiences. I can advise you on your dissemination strategies if necessary.

11. You pay the remaining balance

The remaining balance of payment is due within 30 days of delivery of the final product.

12. We talk about the next project?

Or we take a break… It’s up to you 😉